December 2007

I have big tour de force of a post brewing right now that deals with the utter breakdown of the GOP both here in Delaware and nationally and how Democrats are not applying the “blow of mercy” but are consumed with tending to the GOP’s many wounds.

The ingredients of the stew are Ron Paul and his surprising run for the GOP nomination, John Atkins and his threat to put a D next to his name. Joe Lieberman’s endorsement of John McCain. Hillary Clinton, FISA, Tom Carper, Mike Protack, sodomy, and Dave “tax cuts work” Burris.

It is a lusty rambling narrative and I might need a week alone at the Delawareliberal survivalist compound to write it – so if you need something to tide you over read this the Celia Cohen and be prepared to puke through your nose.


Mahaffie uses more polite terms than me, but suffice to say that The Delaware State News is f*cking insane.

It’s is kinda funny watching a “WordPress Top Twenty” blog go from “panicked” to “shrill” to “dog whistle” with 3 out of the last 4 posts fretting about Huck.

According to Gallup polling data you trust nurses the most.

PRINCETON, NJ — Someone seeking a job that commands high respect need look no further than nursing. According to Gallup’s annual honesty and ethics poll, nurses top the list of occupations rated for their honesty and ethical standards, earning high marks from more than four in five Americans. A combined 84% of Americans describe nurses’ ethics as “very high” or “high.” What’s more, only 2% of Americans say nurses have low ethical standards

That’s good news for Rebecca Walker who is a nurse running against Dick Cathcart in my own 9th RD. To make matters worse for Cathcart, he is a “state officeholders” and just check out the horrible “honesty” rankings for that profession. Only 12% of you find them trustworthy putting them just above Congressmen (thank’s Mike Castle for making a laughing stock out of that once honorable profession!) Marketers, Car Salesmen and the worst of the worst – Lobbyists.

My guess is that there are some people out there that are anxiously waiting to read what I have to write this morning. I don’t blame you. If I were you, I would be wondering what someone like me, that apparently has not a freaking clue as to the power of his pen or in this case type pad could be thinking let alone getting ready to post on the internets.

I think that is what I am going to write about today. In my own retarded abstractness that is my own style. Donviti style we shall call it. In typical fashion I tried my best to not arrive right on time, but yet still did. However, Geek showed up before me and had the pledge pin to prove it.

Her name is MARY LANDREIU.

If you think “Democrat” Tom Carper is the lowest, most vomit inducing, sickening sack or corporatists shit in the US Senate you’d be wrong. He is the second lowest, most vomit inducing, sickening sack or corporatists shit in the US Senate.

Check out this thread at MYDD and read about how LANDREIU swiped the crown of Carper’s head by being the vote that upheld the Republican filibuster of the energy bill because it included new taxes a rollback of tax breaks (gasp!) on for oil companies.

A summary of the commonalities:

1) An obvious failure to prepare for the sort of cyclical event that was predictable and plausible and would disproportionately harm poor people and minorities. (Thanks to a combination of incompetence and ideology—the governing principle of the Bush administration seems to be that the best way to delegitimize big government is to make sure that it functions poorly.)

2) When the deluge came, the Bush-appointed leaders of both entities, like their counterparts in relevant Cabinet agencies, failed to recognize the severity of the problem, even in the face of mounting evidence.

3) In both instances, the failure to respond in a timely manner was aggravated by a post-debacle misdirection of government resources.

4) In both instances, the combination of incompetence and neglect in the face of disaster drove emotive cable TV news divas to on-air meltdowns.

The full essay is worth the read. Too bad Bill Clinton caused all this. Bad Clinton!

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