According to Gallup polling data you trust nurses the most.

PRINCETON, NJ — Someone seeking a job that commands high respect need look no further than nursing. According to Gallup’s annual honesty and ethics poll, nurses top the list of occupations rated for their honesty and ethical standards, earning high marks from more than four in five Americans. A combined 84% of Americans describe nurses’ ethics as “very high” or “high.” What’s more, only 2% of Americans say nurses have low ethical standards

That’s good news for Rebecca Walker who is a nurse running against Dick Cathcart in my own 9th RD. To make matters worse for Cathcart, he is a “state officeholders” and just check out the horrible “honesty” rankings for that profession. Only 12% of you find them trustworthy putting them just above Congressmen (thank’s Mike Castle for making a laughing stock out of that once honorable profession!) Marketers, Car Salesmen and the worst of the worst – Lobbyists.