A summary of the commonalities:

1) An obvious failure to prepare for the sort of cyclical event that was predictable and plausible and would disproportionately harm poor people and minorities. (Thanks to a combination of incompetence and ideology—the governing principle of the Bush administration seems to be that the best way to delegitimize big government is to make sure that it functions poorly.)

2) When the deluge came, the Bush-appointed leaders of both entities, like their counterparts in relevant Cabinet agencies, failed to recognize the severity of the problem, even in the face of mounting evidence.

3) In both instances, the failure to respond in a timely manner was aggravated by a post-debacle misdirection of government resources.

4) In both instances, the combination of incompetence and neglect in the face of disaster drove emotive cable TV news divas to on-air meltdowns.

The full essay is worth the read. Too bad Bill Clinton caused all this. Bad Clinton!