November 2006

I think we can all agree that Tom Carper sucks ass. He is hands down, the worst blue state Democratic senator and I don’t care who knows it. I was out front on the quixotic “write-in campaign” and I’ve made my disdain for Carper well known.

Someone asked me if I felt any “push back” from Carper given the fact that he is (after all) a low life politician and therefor by definition petty and vindictive.

I had to laugh. Carper paying attention to little old me would be like Bush paying attention to the CBS evening news. It would be like Nero paying attention to an infant Visigoth splashing in the Rhine.

Anyway – it is with total confidence in Carper’s ongoing disregard that I present this latest episode in a segment I am going to call: Carper’s Buddy

Roll Call (sub. req.) has a story about how Democratic Senate aides are rather unhappy with Joe Lieberman hiring of McCain loyalist, “prodigious leaker” to the press, and extraordinarily silly person Marshall Wittmann.

Basically, they know Wittmann’s loyalties are elsewhere and he’ll likely leak everything both to the press and to his Republican pals so they won’t be able to actually talk when he’s in the room.

That was the man you were “loyal” to Mr. Carper. Some loyalty to the voters who put you in office would be much appreciated.


Why am I so mad at dopes like Ryan S?  Here is why.  

George Bush made a decision early on to cut the war in Iraq off from any real consideration here in America.  It was clearly a PR stunt from the very beginning.  As a result we are now in a situation where dumbasses like Ryan say things like “We won the war” without giving it much thought.


With no obvious personal stake in the war in Iraq, most Americans are indifferent to its consequences. In an interview last week, Alex Racheotes, a 19-year-old history major at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, said: “I definitely don’t know anyone who would want to fight in Iraq. But beyond that, I get the feeling that most people at school don’t even think about the war. They’re more concerned with what grade they got on yesterday’s test.”

His thoughts were echoed by other students, including John Cafarelli, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of New Hampshire, who was asked if he had any friends who would be willing to join the Army. “No, definitely not,” he said. “None of my friends even really care about what’s going on in Iraq.”

The only war out of this fiasco is to just get out.   I know that sounds like defeat to the armchair patriots in the crowd – but Bush’s utter lack of planning, competence and (to use an old fashioned term) wisdom – with regard to the war leave us no other option.


When ever anyone gives me the chance to say that “George Bush is a maniac” or “Michael Castle is a lying fraud” on the radio or TV – I jump at it.

Most talk radio plays to people like Ryan S and Hap who have are openly hostile to reality and reason. If it falls to me to be the guy who says, “Sorry guys, the world is round”. So be it. All the better when I get to be on with Dana and Mike M who are never at a loss when it comes to pricking the pompous self satisfied gas bags that pass for our political “leaders” here in Delaware.

Susan at DWA has blogged a bit about the segment so I will not go into the details but I did want to give a couple of personal observations.

1) I met Allan Loudell. Based on Dana and Mike’s reaction to his popping to say “hello”, Loudell is a very well liked and admired journalist. On local issues, I think he is only a tad bit better than the usual Delaware dreck that passes for journalism. He tends to reiterate the conventional wisdom ad nauseum like everyone else. Even on election night when it was clear that a Democratic wave was breaking, he always managed to scrounge up some Republican to interview to make sure the spin was “balanced”. [Allan, you’re a journalist. Let the story be the story and forget about the spin.]

That being said, the marginal difference on local issues is more than overshadowed by his real journalism when making national and international stories local by being constantly in touch with people who are one degree separated from the news of the day. He is amazing when talking to a fellow journalist in Kuala Lumpur.

2) Gerry Fulcher was very genial and made me feel very much at home and welcomed. I was a bit surprised by this – with all the “suck on it Fulcher” crap I had been writing. Fulcher sees himself as a blogger of sorts. An audio blogger. So there was a bit of a feeling of kinship. “Brothers can fight.” Was the feeling I got. [Of course, Cathy Cloutier never came up so that feeling of hospitality might have vanished in a flash if it had.]

3) Radio Stations are dumps. Why is it that when you walk into a radio station you are in danger of having a three ring binder fall on your head from a teetering pile of binders and papers. And why is that three-ring binder marked “1977 – July” or “S.P.I.D.S” or some other equally mysterious words or acronyms?

4) The best line was from Dave at FSP who, when asked about his goals for the blog said. “I’m just a party hack.”

It is a shame that the highest- paid college president, David P. Roselle, didn’t take his hat off during the playing of the national anthem at the football game between the University of Delaware and Villanova on Nov. 18. Too much effort, Dr. Roselle?

Thomas Koval, Bear – via the News Journal Letters page
For a million bucks a year, can’t we find a University President who is smart enough to take his hat off?

Listen up Roselle; a normal apology will not suffice on this one. You want to deflect attention away from this gaffe ASAP. Otherwise people may start to wonder why the University of Delaware pays such a high percentage of its operating budget (many would say a disproportionate percentage of its operating budget) to you.

You are going to need to do some super patriotic shit to deflate this PR fiasco. I recommend rolling over some Dixie chicks cd’s in a steamroller, serve the troops a plastic prop turkey, or mount a hostile takeover of the Widner law school. Something like that – make it big.

By Kate House-Layton, Delaware State News

DOVER – A Baltimore shipping company has successfully appealed its rejected application to transfer crude oil in the Delaware Bay.

A coastal zone industrial board for the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control voted 5-1 on Nov. 16 in favor of shipping company Vane Line Bunkering.

The vote overturned DNREC Secretary John A. Hughes’ Sept. 12 decision to reject the company’s application to conduct oil lightering in the Delaware Bay off Big Stone Beach.

Lightering is the process of transferring crude oil from large oceangoing vessels to smaller ships.

The process reduces the weight of the large vessels, allowing them to navigate the shallower waters of the bay and the Delaware River.

The rejection of the application, DNREC attorney Robert Phillips said, was based on Delaware’s Coastal Zone Act of 1971.

The act, DNREC said, bars offshore bulk product transfer facilities because the law was intended to prohibit the development of heavy industry along the Delaware Bay.

DNREC’s argument was that only shipping companies operating on or before June 1971 and their successors were allowed to conduct lightering.
While we spent a solid six months talking about “child predator task forces” and Biden’s bar exam scores, I would have rather heard about how the AG’s office under Biden or Wharton would deal with companies that seem determined to turn the Delaware bay into a toilet.

I’d like to see some company try to pull this shit in the Chesapeak bay. Heads would roll.

Fan brings ‘Christmas Story’ house to life

CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — Ralphie Parker and Brian Jones know what it’s like to want something.

For Ralphie, the object of desire was an official Red Ryder, carbine-action, 200-shot, range model air rifle. (Go ahead, say it, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.”)

For Jones, the gotta-have-it item was Ralphie’s house — the one in “A Christmas Story,” the quirky film that’s found a niche alongside holiday classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”

Jones has restored the three-story, wood-frame house to its appearance in the movie and opened it for tours beginning Saturday. His hope is that it will become a tourist stop alongside the city’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and other destinations.

He’s unsure whether he’ll make enough money to cover his $500,000 investment, but as sure as a kid’s tongue will stick to a frozen flag pole, he’s committed to the project. Via CNN

Typical low life conservative. Iraq has lasted longer than WWII, and Hap still wants Democrats to do all the heavy lifting while he pushes for another tax cut in his most recent Delaware State News “sound off”.

Well it has always been the Democrats job to clean up the messes made by Republicans, so I guess he is just playing his role.

As for me, I say we get out of Iraq now and go after Osama. Who is with me?

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