Joe M at Merit Bound Alley has been trying to find out what is up with the “write in” votes and is getting nowhere with the Department of elections.

The election was NOVEMBER 7th and all we know so far is:

1) Christine O’Donnell’s write-in tally will be available “soon”, and
2) For the other numbers, we will have to wait until “the beginning of the next year.”

I’m sorry that is messed up! Why the O’Donnell results soon and the other results in two months? What is taking so long?

Joe has been a perfect gentleman with the CoI’s office. In response to my comment that we should post the email address and phone number of the office and start making a fuss, Joe Replied:

Joe M Says:
November 16th, 2006 at 5:47 am I’m going to call the office today and find out why first. I’d hate to generate a lot of trouble for the CoE if there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. I’ll have an update today.

I know that they have a tough job (working under constant under constant scrutiny from both sides) – but this is getting ridiculous.