I ask this question because an esteemed member of our state in a recent post on the best blog in Delaware stated that yesterday he, ” called on a Republican to resign when no one else would.” which on it’s face is an admirable thing I have to admit. What isn’t admirable about that? I mean the day after a lawmaker I have close ties to gets caught lying about his DUI, abusing his power in office and smacking around his wife I too would right a letter asking him to resign. But, you see that didn’t happen. It took a whirlwind by local bloggers at DWA, DE Watch, here and other places to continue to exert enough pressure to get party loyalist to cut bait.

When Atkins became a HUGE liability to the party, then and only then, did some people start to speak out against him in his own party. Wow, huge balls that takes, huh? Gee, what internal fortitude it takes to pen a letter asking for your poker buddy to step down for fear of hurting the party further.

But, I think I got a little worked up when that same esteemed GOP’r in De said that “ Writing that Atkins letter was HARD. I don’t need to justify myself to you or anyone else.“, after one of the best bloggers in Delaware had said,Atkins again!!! Man that card has been played so much it is see through.

Wow! Hard?! (that’s what she said*snark*) I think this is an adjective being overlooked in the comments. The face of the GOP in Delaware states that it is HARD to do what is right? That writing a letter to oust a drunk driving, wife beating, power abusing friend is hard? It is pretty disappointing to say the least while very telling of the state of our political leaders at its’ best.

We have a party that thinks criticism = change, I can see how standing up and writing a letter asking someone in your party to step down can be hard, but I can’t for the life of me see how someone can say with a straight face that doing what is right is hard.

I said it before and I will say it again. It may be hard to do what is right on occasion, but the more often you do what is right, the easier it becomes. So I guess I can give someone representing the De GOP some latitude when he says it is Hard to do the right thing.

Give doing right a shot more often, and maybe your party would be doing better these days.