I don’t know what the flying frig is going on with this country lately. First we have these toilet-paper-recycling hippies telling us yet another part of Bush’s Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Now, NOW, we have this crap!

 14 Terrorism Suspects Given Legal Forms at Guantanamo.

What the hell is this? I don’t get it. They aren’t Americans! They are barely humans. I mean, I mean AAAAAAHHHHH, why the hell should they be treated like one of us? I truly don’t understand. If we go around expelling the same type of treatment we give our own citizens pretty soon people are going to expect to be treated fairly all over the world!  It’s as if we are going to start using the geneva convention as a real guideline.  If the terrorists aren’t afraid of being locked up forever, having their testicles tortured, being barked at, having their Quran peed on, having womans menstrual fluids wiped on them then what do we have as a country to protect our free will?

This shit sucks man! They take away our ability to spy on anyone defeat terrorism, now they expect us citizens to just let those allah loving darkies be treated as American Citizens when all they want to do is kill us with dirty bombs, IED’s, IFP’s, bomb-vests, sarin-gas, shoe-bombs, airplanes, crop-dusters, cement-trucks, chemical-trucks, box-cutters, lighters, shampoo, nail files, finger-nail cutters and whatever else they can think of (oh and they never use guns have you noticed)?!  The enemy will learn this and pretty soon they will expect the American brand of Justice!  Before you know it they will hire Billy Martin No! Not that one people….this  Billy Martin to get them off.  I can see it now, the next thing you know these gutless virgin-lusting, allah-loving, east-kneeling, carpet-weaving, funny clothes wearing, weird beards will get good lawyers that will poke holes the size of Alaska into our laws meant to strip away our civil liberties keep us free from tyranny and oppression.  They will set all kinds of precedent giving prisoners rights and I just, I just…………………………………….OMG, this can’t be happening. 

Seriously it is like everything we have been working towards for the past 6 years is wrong!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

This country is going to hell and it is all because of the blacks, homo’s and divorce!