Bush’s FUBAR War

So I believe him when he says any success in Iraq is a joke.

 Biden said, “This whole notion that the surge is working is fantasy.


In an interview with Charlie Rose, Karl Rove suggested that Congress rushed the President into war. The President didn’t have enough time to assemble a coalition. He didn’t have time to plan. He couldn’t give the inspectors time to do their job. Oh, and he didn’t want to do it at election time because it would politicize the war vote.

I think I am going to be sick.

Here’s an old NYT article that sheds some light on dissenting voices, including our own Sen. Biden.

h/t to suburban guerrilla

UM is the primary university providing classes for U.S. service members abroad.

a Europe-wide faculty meeting at our headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. At that meeting, we were told that the U of MD military education contracts will be expanding soon to Iraq, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Djibouti, and other locations in the Middle East and Africa. This comes as no surprise.

“What is startling is that the U.S. military has also asked us to prepare a bid for educational programs in IRAN and SYRIA (and, oddly enough, France — where we have had no presence since NATO was expelled in 1967 — probably a function of the new conservative government there). We will be bidding on an education contract to these locations at the end of November.

hmmmmm, no why would we need that in Iran, especially if we don’t have a base there?

2007 has been the most deadly year in Iraq for American soldiers since the start of the war.  Nonetheless, the casualty rate has been dropping in recent months.  The better casualty rate in the past few months has not yet lead to a higher approval rating for the war.  Perhaps Americans are just done with this war, this President and this administration’s policies.

traders who treat oil like any other commodity are widely thought to be driving prices upward, bolstered by a weak dollar and money flowing out of stock markets and other investment vehicles.

So what you are saying is greedy motherfuckers who know how to manipulate the market and take advantage of it are fucking me at the pump?

Here I thought this was just a normal rape job too

But analysts also say that the past 10 weeks have demonstrated the power of traders at investment houses. Deutsche Bank oil economist Adam Sieminski, who spent six months on the bank’s trading desk, said it is important not to underestimate the role of sentiment and technical factors, such as patterns of price movements and the need to hedge risks in other markets. Now, when investors hold a large number of options to buy oil at a price of $100, he says, “it’s almost like magnetism. It draws prices to that level.”

If you stop to think about it.  It’s almost like people that have this much power could almost, possibly, perhaps, maybe, concievably lead us into a war against a crazy man that wants to eat our babies and rape our women all while making us into a muslim nation!

nahhhh, that’s crazy talk. 

But here is the greatest part…

One surprise about oil prices: So far, the economy seems to be coping. Despite an average crude oil price of $75 a barrel, the economy grew at a brisk 3.9 percent pace in the third quarter. Unemployment is low, and inflation is modest.

By contrast, the oil price spikes in the 1970s fueled high inflation and weakened growth, a combination known as stagflation.

 It’s like people forget that credit wasn’t available as much in the 70’s as it is now.  People are cranking out the debt now…but why bother figuring that into the equation.  Sure we are coping just fine…

it is so fucking tiresome at this point and yet here they go.  It’s like a pimp telling a ho, I won’t slap you, if yo don’t make me.

President Bush, invoking the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as he has many times before, contended Friday that Iraq is the central front in the struggle against extremism, telling a supportive military crowd at this Army post that it is imperative to continue fighting the increasingly unpopular war.

isn’t it time that people stand up against this bullshit? christ, it is so tiring at this point. 5 years of lies and bullshit and the press laps it up. LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS MY ASS!!!

Bush said Iraqis “are increasingly taking more responsibility for their own security,” and in a rare accounting of enemy deaths, he said more than 1,500 enemy fighters have been killed or captured every month since January.

in fact things are going so fucking well in Iraq that the fucking pussy diplomats in the state department are being forced to go to Iraq b/c none of them will fucking volunteer. yes, Iraq is so fucking safe that diplomats won’t go there for an assignment. I mean how much more proof do you fucking need? GOD DAMNIT I’M SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT! AREN’T YOU????


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