Merck recalls childhood vaccine to prevent meningitis

I have a problem with vaccines. I don’t know how safe they are anymore. Do you? We all know how greedy these companies can be. Especially under this administration that has bent over backwards for Drug Companies. So when you see all these drugs rushed through the FDA then recalled later you have to ask yourself how safe are these vaccines?   Do we really believe that the tests they go through aren’t biased?  I don’t. Call me a skeptic. 

You know damn well that a company like Merck knows it can it hit the mother load if they can get a drug to become a vaccine that the government requires all kids to get. Next thing you know an unsafe drug is being recalled and for the past how many years our children have been forced to take something that isn’t safe because of greed and incompetance (mostly greed).  Don’t even get me started on the Flu Vaccine, that Donald Rumsfield made about 10 million dollars on two years ago and continues to make millions from b/c the company that produces the drug he has a few hundred thousand shares of and was an executive of.

So next time you see some whacko not wanting their kid to have a shot b/c of religious reasons.   They may be crazy for it, but at least their kid may actually be safer than yours. 

But hey the invisible hand will take care of all of this right? After a few kids die of course, but that is natural and the way the market should work.