Hello DL Readers. I just wanted to drop you a note about some upcoming changes to this site.

On Friday night/Saturday Morning, this site will have a new home on the server of one of our sponsors AgoraNet. Here is a partial list of changes that you can expect:

  • A new theme – in anticipation of some advertising and to accommodate more data
  • Delaware Weather widget – so you don’t have to leave your favorite website to see what it’s like outside
  • Integrated Polling -Tracking Poll Thursday anyone?
  • A Countdown timer – currently counting down to a day in January 2009
  • 2 minute do-overs on comments (even anonymous ones) – No more correcting your comment with another comment
  • A new FavIcon – My own design
  • and the donviti-cam will be in full effect (subscrition rates will apply)

On Saturday morning (or whenever you log on after that) you will be greeted with a page that will tell you how to get to the new site (www.delawareliberal.netIt doesn’t work yet). There are still a few bugs to be worked out (graphics, files on the wordpess site, etc.) but I think it is an improvement on what we have now.

Those of you in the blogosphere that have us in your blogroll, please update your links to the new address. I’ll keep you posted if things change…