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To: Ex-viti,

From: Hottest woman on the planet 

I am writing today in an effort to try to find another way of communicating as leaving messages seems to not be working. It seems when Donviti calls and leaves a message asking to speak with you about specific things or asks for answers to specific questions we do not get that return phone call or we get a call back from one of the girls. It seems the girls are being asked more and more to coordinate things between the two of you and relay messages about things in their lives. They are being put in the middle, and it’s so not fair to them.


  I have a suggestion that will allow our two homes to communicate without having to interface with each other and keep the girls from having to relay messages. We can start writing things down in a notebook that would be transported between our two homes. We would write down all the things that each of us needs to know about the girls. Things such as medical and dental appts, medical and dental information, things that are happening or not happening at school, behaviors in the home and consequences that may have been set, school functions, party arrangements, holiday arrangements, extra curricular activities, etc. #2 has agreed to transport the notebook. I asked her permission before I emailed you to make sure she felt comfortable with this role, and she said she did.

  Also, if there is any pressing matters that can not wait until the Friday they get picked up, we can either agree to email each other that information or leave a voicemail message. Either way would be fine. We really want to alleviate the girls worries and make the coordinating and arranging our jobs and take that responsibility away from them. I really hope you agree with this.

  Lastly, please call Donviti about #3’s cheerleading. He would like to talk with you about the specifics, and please let him know when #2’s next orthodontist appointment is.
Thank you so much,
Mrs. Hotviti

To: Mrs. Hotviti,
From: Evil dragon woman from hell

Let me make this simple. I am done with you both. Done with your games, done with you two putting my kids in the middle. Done. You accuse ME of putting them in the middle, but let’s have #3 in TEARS on Saturday because we can’t spare $30 for cheerleading but have NO PROBLEM putting another new car in the driveway & have #2 transport a NOTEBOOK back & forth?!?! Are you mad?!??!?! I’m seriously considering writing your new employer a letter suggesting a mental evaluation before they let you NEAR anyone else’s children!!

You are both crazy and I will not waste one more ounce of my energy on either of you. Notebooks, e-mails, phone calls. Neither of you is capable of ANY of it!! You’re both entirely too immature and petty!! So do me a favor and SPARE ME already!! Between my precious ex-husband’s harassing messages and your straight up lunacy(by the way….SO VERY MATURE with the throwing the door open Saturday & walking away…too, too funny!!!), I am once again DONE.

Take me to court and seek a mediator if you need to. Because neither I nor anyone I care about should be forced to be subjected to your psychotic behavior. Maybe I can even demand an evaluation while we’re at it & get you both away from my other 2 children.

Finally, do me a favor and leave daughter #1 alone. She received your e-mail and isn’t interested.

To: Ex-viti,

Feel free to ask daughter #2 for yourself sometime before you make them call me when I leave a message for you who is putting who in the middle. 



—–Original Message—–
From: hotviti
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 11:17 AM
To: devilincarnate
Cc: donviti
Subject: RE: question
Unfortunately your anger/resentment and unwillingness to communicate and work with us isn’t hurting us it’s hurting the girls. I know you don’t want to believe this but the girls are being torn apart inside by the constant anger between our two homes. IT”S NOT FAIR to them. Let’s let them be children and only have to worry about what to wear, and getting their schoolwork done, and hanging out with their friends, NOT worrying about making sure each parent knows when their next medical/dental appts are, coordinating transporation for their extra curricular activities, and how it’s going to be paid for.

Just to let you know we will not be accepting any messages from them and are not going to allow the girls to coordinate things (including AB’s cheerleading that we have been asking you now 3 times to call Donviti about NOT #3). We will only speak with you or your unlucky boyfriend about these arrangements. If you don’t want to use a notebook, email, or the telephone, PLEASE give us another option to communicate b/c having the girls do it is not an option.

One last thing. I sent an email to daughter #1 expressing my feelings, and was not looking or expecting a response back. She can do and feel as she wishes about the email.
thank you and I do hope we can work this out.

From: Dragon lady:
Re-read my last e-mail. That is the last I have to say on this matter. I am done with you.

I am very sorry to hear that. I do hope our two homes will be able to work together in the very near future, and please keep in mind that we will not be accepting any messages from them or letting them coordinate things between our two homes.
Thank you