So I don’t think we have really covered the issue here this week, but there is a Willie Horton in Mike Huckabee’s closet. The Huffington Post has had some excellent coverage, but I’ve stayed clear of it. But I’m starting to see Huckabee in the light of one of the most awful policy trends in the past decade. Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS). We have seen this happen several times in the past and here it is again.

First W. gave so little credence to Clinton that he considered the threat of al Qaeda seemed overblown. Now Huckabee appears to have let a convicted rapist go mostly because the rapist had raped one of Clintons relatives(the rapist went on to rape and murder another woman), so it surely had to be a set up. The fact that Huckabee was swayed by the kind of lunatics that put out videos about the people that Clinton had murdered says something about Huckabee.

I’m not in favor of dragging out the Willie Horton’s in a Governor’s past but this murderer says way more about Huckabee then Willie Horton ever said about Dukakis.  The next question is whether Democrats will be so blinded by Bush hate that they miss the one or two things that he actually has done right.