Ok, so I’m sitting over at Von Crackers house.  You know rocking it out hand down my pants, ate a pound of nachos, just finished my first 6 pack, ready to get lit up type of afternoon with a few del lib readers tailgate party and Von Cracker made an observation about the ESPN signs.  I first commented, “seriously what freaking idiot brings an ESPN sign to a game.”

In a moment of enlightenment in my eyes Von Cracker says, “They are plants.  They make the signs and give them to some idiot and say ‘hold this and you will get on TV'” So I say to myself on my 7th beer.  That has to be the most brilliant statement of the year!

I had never given that much thought.  I just wrote it off to some idiot taking an hour or two of their night before the game, over weight loser that has nothing better to do with their life, ignore their children, fart in their barco lounger, ignore their wife type of idiot that has nothing better to do with their lives then route for a small college team that you would spend time making a freaking sign.

So from now on when some idiot holds up a sign it will be because ESPN gave them the sign.

Brilliant (after 8 beers now)

UPDATE:   DV’s viewpoints do not necessarily reflect mine.  😉