Man, I can’t believe that we are at another special election already. I am getting special election fatigue. And then we have the primaries and caucuses. Damn, I just want to get through Christmas.

Kavips hits the issue in the wonderful Around the Horn competitor, Outside the Perimeter. Speaking of Kavips, I cannot get enough of him these days. From a Washington Post smackdown to kudos for Dana’s NIE prowess to a nice post poking fun at the DE blogosphere. Rock on, Kavips.

The NIE was the big story this week, but of course it had mixed reaction.  Tommywonk had news of the cancellation of WW3 Ryan S and Dana Pico claim that the invasion of Iraq has all of the bad guys scared straight.   Steve Newton has some of the nuts and bolts of the NIE.

Looks like HB4 is back in the news.  Kilroy posts the 14 sponsors of the bill.  While Nancy has an announcement of what you can do to help get it passed.  Dana challenges Copeland on his support of open government.

On the environmental front, Tommywonk has a post about how to conserve energy by staying married.  Hube is still blaming sunspots and angry that people fly to conferences to discuss the climate.  Meanwhile, the weather is wreaking havoc on Mike’s house in Lewes.

Over at DWA, Mike Matthews has been pretty quiet.  In his stead, Mat Marshall has posted a follow-up on his Mother’s departure from the Democratic Party.  Another contributor, Discourse, has a post reminding us that this Christmas, people around the world will be getting water-boarding in their stockings.

Staying with the holiday theme, Joe M has a link to where presents come from (perhaps Santa).  Duffy wants beer for Christmas.  But it is really good beer.

Steve Newton has an excellent post on the literal interpretation of the Bible.  Tommywonk expounds on how Christian his name is in the shadow of a an anonymous poster’s attempt to trash Obama.  In the meantime, mynym has a rant on the scientific processes inability to address religion.  Our most prolific religious writer has a good post on why Kucinich is finally right.  This is the biggest reason that I can see to support Kucinich.

Kilroy is frustrated by the inability to get info about Red Clay from the recovery team. Jud over at FSP is railing against developers that try to get waivers for forested buffers in new subdivisions in Sussex County.

And if you are looking for something to do, KarmicJay has a non-review of Bolivia, a foreign film from Argentina.

Have a good weekend and remember to think about the dead and wounded soldiers that we have sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.