Here at Dellib we like to give you the world view of things.  You know, stuff you won’t find on the local papers.  So this is a special post from a man I will call “The Turk”  he’s the only one I know, besides the ones that own all the diners on the East Coast.

I do not know if you knew that Sarkozy is/was in Algeria very recently.

What’s surprising and appalling is Europe’s, Mr. Sarkozy’s hypocrisy. As you may know, some Europeans, especially Sarkozy, at every opportunity in the past, has “reminded” Turkey to “accept” its past and accept the claims of the “so-called Armenian Genocide”: and went even so far as attempting to make this a precondition on EU accession talks.

However, Sarkozy, when asked about the tragic 10 years (1952-1962) of Algerian struggle which left 2.5 million Algerians killed, for which the Algerian government has repeatedly asked for an official apology many many years, said: “I told Abdelaziz Belkhadem (Algeria’s prime minister) that you can’t ask sons to say sorry for their fathers’ mistakes”.

Whooo-haaaaaw….Check that out….He also continued saying “You need to leave past, historic events to historians, not to politicians” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Hold on a second…Mr. Sarkozy right…It’s not Arkin speaking there???

Wow. What a change of policy all of a sudden. The French parliament has recently approved legislation that makes denying the so-called Armenian genocide a crime, punishable by a prison sentence. However, when it comes to the dark past of France, Paris is OK to leave the argument to historians.

Regarding French crimes and mess killing by French during the colonial period (I more call it imperialist period, invasion period), which included concentration camps and torture and mess killings, Nicolas Sarkozy insisted that suffering took place on both sides and that no official apology would be made, despite repeated calls from the Algerian government in recent years…

Come on now……..