All joking aside, what is Alan Levin thinking?

You have to wonder about Alan Levin at this point. Is his heart really in this race? Apparently he was on some panel at the University of Delaware recently claiming that we need to continue to make all of Ruth Ann Minner’s myopic mistakes with regard to economic development (e.g. focus on Fortune 500 companies who will come here for a quick buck and drop us like a $90 Las Vegas whore as soon as Michigan lowers it’s corporate tax rates by another 1 point 5 %) but that is it. He is truly invisible. When you google him it is as if DOUG WILLIAMS of the NJ is struggling to keep his name in the paper out of sheer Protack hatred.

Some say that Levin really is getting cold feet based on the utter futility of the race and the fact that Protack has not been driven from the field. His thinking seems to be that losing to Markell is one thing, but doing so after enduring a close win over Protack in the primary would be just too much work.

Frankly, if I’m a Levin supporter right now – I’m getting a bit nervous. Protack has bounced back from a potentially career killing scandal and shows no signs of letting up while Levin has yet to put his shoes on.

The new Delawareliberal O/U for Mike P is 44% – takers?