Von Cracker could write a better post than I, but he is too busy courting a crackerette I guess to get off his ass and do a post.  So dear reader, you are left with me.   Don’t let my hotness sway you though.  Stay true to your beliefs!

The best way to disarm a wingnut is to take away the idea that you too supported/support a Clinton. After that they really are at a loss to come up with some way to attack you.   The “Clinton did it too” arguement is pathetic and points to the fact that we as liberals accepted bad behavior or criminal behavior just as much as they have.  In the end that is what at least sets me apart.  Wrong is wrong no matter who does it.  They (the wingnuts) assume, like themselves that you follow the front runner.  That you get all chubby and hot between the legs when Hannity, Limbaugh and Fox tell you who to vote for.  They believed that when Fred Thompson entered the race he was going to be the next Ronald Reagan. They believe that because they follow the leader that you, we will always get behind the HNIC. But, we don’t, you see We think for ourselves.

So when I see this it is further proof that all things Clinton don’t get a pass with  every facet of the left. Nor should she.  I don’t want her to win.  Our democracy will be a joke if she does.  Our country will not move forward and we will be left with a double talking female that will cater to Big Business, namely the health care industry and once again the rich will take a bigger part of the pie.    

WASHINGTON — Liberal activists plan to begin airing a television ad against Hillary Rodham Clinton in Iowa this week, the first non-Republican negative ad aimed at a Democratic presidential candidate. The group, Democratic Courage, has accused Clinton of making policy decisions on the basis of polls, not convictions. It planned to introduce the ad Tuesday.Not sticking together as a collective whole is a quality both good and bad frankly. It is part of the reason Congress hasn’t accomplished as much as the rubber stamp congress did for big business and the Christianists.