Damn, I take a day or two off of serious blogging and Hube misses me.  I just looked over at his site and found that he was linking to us in three separate posts.  Thanks, Hube.  Perhaps I’ll have some time to post on these interesting topics in the near future.

I must assume, however, that he is back to reading us after his exit with a flourish.  Welcome back, Hube.

Update: (donvitified) Doesn’t it seem like days ago Pube was saying:

bc: You got it, friend. I used to comment here regularly, but the 9/11 “tribute” did it for me. Now this REALLY does it for me. Even so, all I’ve been posting is childish taunts every now and then since Sept. 11 — it’s about all these sub-80 morons seem to appreciate anyways.

Now. I. Am. Done.

Fuck you and yours, DE Liberal.