I was rereading the original NJ story in order to quantify what a suck ass reporter Chris Barrish is and I got stuck on this sentence.

Lofink, who left his state job Oct. 23, could not be reached.

What? Why? Can’t he be reached. Should Barrish just turn in his steno pad right now? What a weak ass piece of shit.

That was my first reaction. Then it occurred to me that October was when I first heard about all of this. So what if Lofink is in custody? That would mean that he is being held without being charged which (as far as I know) is unconstitutional.

Of course, Lofink being well connected, the arresting authorities could have cut a deal to keep him and not to charge him. That is exactly what a well connected guy would do if he wanted to keep something out of the papers and protect the family name.

So where’s Lofink?

Chris Barrish find him and restore your good name.



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