Gone are the days when Grotto’s was a small little hole in the wall that made awesome pizza and competed with the big boys. Now, Grotto’s is the big-boys and they are “protecting” there name.

Arienzo, you see, had the misfortune to name his shop south of New Castle “Grottino,” which in his native Italian means “little cave.”

“Grotto,” on the other hand, is an Italian word — one that actually should be spelled “Grotta,” as it happens — that refers to a bigger cave. With a bigger bottom line. And way-y-y bigger lawyers

I’m pretty sure this is the same guy that used to work at the little sub shop in the Prices Corner on Rt2. I remember him about 30 pounds ago. (sorry paisano, it’s true)

So the next time you eat at Grotto’s remember how they aren’t the little guy any more and how they don’t remember what it is like to be them.

In, related news, I’m going to trademark the word “THE”. I figure I will make a killing.