From time to time I find myself trolling around the NJ comments area creating some havoc and having fun.  I decided to make a comment about some uppity Delawareans gating their Castles in Bethany to keep out the rif raf from using their beach replenished tax payer sand. Well one commenter wowed me and I thought I would share it with you all. 

2. donviti….mind if I come and take a poo in your first floor loo? After all, boundaries are just artifical things. Clue up, cupcake. These people are private landowners. You are entitled to nothing of theirs unless they agree and you pay for it. Go back to your smug liberal web site. You know, the one where you whine about your ex-wife and give “around the horn” love to people who could care less what you think. Here’s another clue. No one cares about your life. Drown that one during your next wine (whine?) tasting!

Awesome huh? My stunning, witty, intelligent retort you ask?

for someone that cares less you sure know a lot about me

and their reply you ask:

And as for knowing stuff about you…..that’s like a flasher saying “hey, what are you looking at????”I’d be just as happy knowing less about you. You were the one who decided to make that unavoidable.

It doesn’t get better than that.  Like a person looking for porn on the internet and then shockingly being offended.  Typical wing nuttery at it’s finest.  One more please Del Lib fan and another reason to keep this rock hard body in shape!