Prodded by cassandra’s comment linking to John Cole, I decided to take another trip around the Delaware wingnut-o-sphere and report on which of the brave wingnuts in our midst think that it is worth mentioning that “a Republican front-runner FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT has clearly played fast and loose with the public’s money to hide/finance his extramarital dalliances.”

Hube…Nada. (A post trashing Bill Clinton though.)

Dave Burris…Crickets Chirping (surprising given his Romney love.)

Paul Smith…Zilch. (and I thoght Catholics were anti-adultery. Silly me. )

Ryan S…nothing.

Oh well. IOKIYAR, everybody.
TPM has the full story on how Obama used taxpayer money to facilitate his adultery. According to Capital Hill accounting records, Obama used an expense account to…

— pay for the 11 tryst visits to the Cayman Islands.

— pay for hotel and other expenses for Senate staff aides — in addition to the security detail — who also went with the Senator on the tryst weekends.

— Obama’s mistress’s NYPD-chauffeured trips (without Obama) to visit her parents in Pennsylvania, 130 miles outside DC.

— Capital Hill police owned undercover Dodge to drive his mistress around the city.

— Capital Hill police-owned undercover Dodge to drive his mistress’s 1friends and family around the city even when she wasn’t in the car.

— A Capital Hill police security detail for his mistress, personally approved by Harry Reid.

— Capital Hill police used to walk Nathan’s dog.


Honestly, where is the wingnut outrage?