What a joke our congress has become. Just more proof they don’t work for the American people, but actually for the American Corporations.

Automakers would be required to meet an industrywide average of 35 miles per gallon for cars and light trucks, including SUVs, by 2020, the first increase by Congress in car fuel efficiency in 32 years.

Seriously? 13 years to get to 35 MPG?

Sadly it is a Democrat too that is the monkey wrench

But Democratic leaders were stymied over disagreement on the auto fuel efficiency issues as Dingell, the longest-serving member of the House and chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, insisted on some provisions to ease the transition for automakers.

But even sadder…

House Republicans have called the legislation a “non-energy bill” because, they said, it ignores any measures to promote domestic production of oil, natural gas or increased use of coal.

Is that typical response by the GOP.  Big Oil and Energy companies have lobbied to kill the bill too.  What a joke these guys are.  ALL OF THEM