I’ll just cut and paste from today’s NJ and you be the judge.  Does it seem like Baker is as a mayor or a central American “El Jeffe?” 

Baker said he would not engage his competition so early in the campaign. “Just tell all the wannabes out there that I’m running the city and they can do whatever,” he said.

WTF? That was in response to this from Tyler Nixon.

Nixon said he will craft a document for all voters similar to Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America in the mid-1990s. It will include a voluntary pledge limiting the mayor’s tenure to eight years rather than 12. He’ll ask all candidates to sign the contract.


“It won’t be full of Republican points, but doable structural policy changes that will appeal to all voters,” he said. “I think eight years is enough. There’s a good reason we’ve never had a three-term mayor. They move up the political food chain and become too fat and cozy with the way things are.”



Is it me?