here is a great example of what is wrong with our “liberal” MSM. We have a reporter and I use the term loosely, Howard Kurtz that is whining away about how hillary Clinton doesn’t let or have the press on her bus. She is limiting access to these poor guys therefor making it that much more difficult for them to “cover” the candidate.

If you don’t know anything about Howie, he is biased, no not left either. He is subtle enough, but you watch this putz enough on CNN and read his junk enough you can tell he doesn’t like Clinton and leans to the right. So much for that liberal bias I guess. Below is a good example of Howie. He works for the Washington Post, you know that liberal newspaper. Tell me what you think of this as he contrasts and compares a Republican with a Democrat.

With rare exceptions — John McCain chats endlessly with reporters aboard his bus — leading presidential candidates take a wary approach to the press, doling out access in carefully limited increments. Journalists sometimes question whether it is worth the time and energy to trail politicians who rarely engage them. In this regard, Clinton differs only in her degree of discipline, honed during eight years of often testy media relations in her husband’s White House.

Uh-huh. So Mr. Accessable, Maverick, straight-talker, surge supporter is the bees-knees.  With “rare exception” What the fuck is that? While Clinton is disciplined (hard, tough) honed (precise, calculated), testy (bitchy) I mean gimme a break people.

In case that was a mistake and Howie was at a loss for fair and balanced reporting…read on.

Clinton blames an overtaxed schedule for the arm’s-length approach, but something more fundamental is at work here. She, like her rivals, wants to deliver a daily message, usually framed around some policy prescription, while reporters want to ask her about the latest polls, tactics or blast from Barack Obama or John Edwards.

Uh-huh, liberal media my ass…keep dreaming wing nuts.   And to make another point about Howie’s original intent that Clinton isn’t accessable why would chumming up with a candidate be a good thing?  Wouldn’t being an actual Journalist with an outside view be more appealing then someone that gets invited to the oval office to disseminate their talking points?  What a joke.