Please let me thank donviti for a tour de force two weeks ago.  I, like most of you laughed my ass off.  Good show, my friend.

Speaking of things that made me laugh, the whole Tommy Little/Frank Sims/IPOD debacle sank even deeper into the gutter last weekend with aTommy Little interview on WGMD.  You gotta check out the audio montage at DWA or listen to the whole thing at Delaware Watch.  My favorite part inspired the title of this post.  There are indeed some freaks out there.

Meanwhile the local blogging universe continues its consolidation as Mat Marshall begins cross-posting at DWA and The Soapbox.  I think the quality of blogging has risen as this consolidation progresses.

Speaking of the local blogosphere, at least two bloggers have decided that they are done with this blog, Duffy and Hube.  This will not prevent me from linking to them and I hope that they can see beyond their offended sense of patriotism and come back to read us soon.

Duffy has a great video that really made me crack up.  Bollywood is so … foreign. 🙂

Felix over at The Colossus of Rhodey has a catch on a Hitler comparison.  This time bloggers are pamphleteers that Hitler would have eliminated.  Bill Conlin, you are a fat, ugly crusher of office chairs.

Tommywonk and DWA both have posts highlighting Al Gore’s visit to the White House.  7 years too late.

Also Kilroy and Delaware Libertarian have excellent coverage of the sneaky tactics of Vision 2015 and their quite cozy relationship with DPPI.

We lost (or almost lost) a few prominent Republicans this week.  Merit Bound Alley tells us that Dick Cheney had heart problems.  JttR tells us that Trent Lott has resigned from the Senate.  And Henry Hyde’s passing is noted over at Gazizza.

The always insightful Kavips has coverage of the most religious segment of American demographics.  And they vote for Democrats primarily.

Over at FSP, Dave is rolling out the English-only BS for Christmas.  Feliz Navidad, yo!

Nancy reports on some good press for brother Joe on the lefty blogs this week.  Rudy is an excellent target.  Keep on him Joe.

Common Sense Political Thought has the story for us of the Briton in Sudan that almost got 40 lashes for insulting Islam (by naming a Teddy Bear Muhammed).

Stephen Crockett over at Delaware Watch has a suggestion to get a handle on price-gouging.  Someone’s been out Christmas shopping lately.

The last of the heavy topics is a post at “Into Good and Evil” about the multiverse.  I’m going to read it after I get a good nights sleep.

Mike Mahaffie is published in the old media.  Nice job.

KarmicJay has a “not a review” for the movie Outsourced.  Ahhh, I miss the movies.  Anyone out there want to babysit?

Finally, we come back to a rare second link to Gazizza with Paul Smith’s post about Nerd Pickup Lines.  Funny stuff.

It looks like I am going to have some pretty crappy weather for my Eagles tailgating this Sunday.  I will be thinking about our troops in harms way on Sunday during the singing of the National Anthem at the game.  Please find some time to think of them and the 3,880 American soldiers killed in Iraq and the 77,572 Iraqis that have been killed since we invaded under false pretenses.  Have a good weekend.