In response to my observation that the media narrative on Ron Paul is that he is nuts and that …“it is only going become a bigger and bigger part of the story until thte day when Paul mispeaks (or slips on a patch of ice) (or gets cake frosting on the tip of his nose) and it will be allllllll over then.

Because that picture or audio comment will be everywhere and the national versions of Ron Williams will say “See!”

Kavips responds…

So the question remains on how Ron Paul supporters are to respond when the media picks up an incident and runs with “See….?”

And the correct response, which needs to be unified among all of Ron Paul’s reformers, is the single answer to which there is no response, reply, or rebuttal…..

And that answer is “So,….?”

Then continue doing what you are doing…..Had Dean supporters en masse followed this tactic, quite possibly Dean would have appeared Teflon coated and strong against the press, as he approached the next round of primaries. Instead his mousy apologies and waffling supporters, made voters think for a second “Uh,… he does seem to be a second tier candidate,” and step into the voting booth thinking “not this time around.”

“It is not the accusation that condemns; it is ones response.”

What a joke. You think Dean supporters didn’t try that tact?

It the court of public opinion – like a court of law – you only get to make a case if you have “standing.”

Dean supporters (“en masse” or otherwise) didn’t have any standing. Nor will Paul’s. I don’t like it, but that’s the way it works.

You want proof: Take a look into the media sausage factory. But don’t say that I did not warn you. Link