Jan Ting is on NPR 90.9 if you are interested in hearing an Asian American Republican discuss immigration…

Update:  He is getting pounded by a female caller, the female caller is a (Temple Law Professor, which Jan Ting is too) about how asylum isn’t working the way we have it now.  the case loads are huge and they are overwhelmed.

Host: What Criteria would you used to deport illegals?

Ting: They are all subject to deportation.

Until the laws are changed they should be enforced. 

Using a straw man example criminal parents shouldn’t be allowed to stay.

 Update III:  He is getting smacked around by this lady on immigration pretty good.  Ting is saying that we have to use the laws and deport the people and she is saying how he just said they are overwhelmed now, how are they going to deport 15 million people if they are overwhelmed?  NICE

UPDATE IV: Immigration and Jim Crowe Laws are paralelled.  Female Jaya someone (still can’t get her name) says yes.

Thanks Von Cracker!

JAYA RAMJI-NOGALEShttp://www.whyy.org/91FM/radiotimes.html

Update V: Ting:  Now he is asking why isn’t Mexico a rich country?  Talking about Corruption in Mexico.  He just mentioned Criminal Aliens!  HELLO, Talking point straw man.  As if 15 million little brown people are murdering everyone in the parking lots of Home Depot. 

UPDATE VI: I can’t stand it:  Straw man after straw man.  they come over here to have their babies, steal our services we pay for.  Abusing their rights, if the parents get deported they can take their children.