I don’t get it To take a spin on Kanye West’s most famous quote, “Black people don’t like black people”

I’m puzzled why blacks aren’t getting behind Obama in bigger droves. We had a corrupt moron running Philadelphia get re elected a few years ago, we had another moron BOMB a home in Philadelphia that got elected, we had a mayor on crack in our nations captial, heck we have a black mayor doing god knows what right here in Wilmington, Mayor Barry even while on crack get re-elected and yet black people nationally aren’t getting behind this guy?

Seriously people why the fuck not? Is he uppity? Is he to bougie? Help me understand why someone wouldn’t be prould to vote for someone that has the chance to change the history of black people in one fell swoop. Could you imagine blacks having someone to look up to besides athletes?  I was just wastching CBS and there was an elderly black woman and she said he isn’t ready yet.  WTF?  And the president we have now was the Governor of Texas and look at the bang up job he did