When I read this in the NJ…

KUWAIT CITY — The flashy Laila Tower office building in this wealthy oil capital is a world away from the mean streets of Baghdad. But the U.S. government says they are linked by a web of fraud and bribery that stole millions of dollars provided by American taxpayers to support U.S. combat troops in Iraq.

…and I read this in the comment section of Delawareliberal…

After I left you guys I had to laugh to myself when I ran into Carper and Castle walking around together. Ahhh, the Delaware Way.

I can’t help feeling that the items are related in some way. Can it be that we expect so little of our reps in Congress that they can do anything (or nothing) ? And cruise on and on.

There is no grand conspiracy; it is simply that we no longer have any objective perfomance criteria for these guys. They are elected therefore they are re-elected… and on and on.