Hello kind readers, DelawareLiberal is planning on moving to the next level of blogging in the near term.  As you may know, we have used the delawareliberal.net domain name for the past 6 months or so.  Currently, that address redirects to delawareliberal.wordpress.com.

We have been considering some changes to that system that would free us from some of the restrictions of WordPress.

First, effective today, you can contact most of our contributors with emails to delawareliberal.net addresses.  Simply address your email to our “handle” (e.g. liberalgeek) at delawareliberal.net.  There will likely be other email addresses created for roles, rather than individuals, in the future.

Second, we will likely move off of wordpress.com by the first of the year.  We will continue with the WordPress platform, but running on a paid service located right here in Delaware.

Third, we will be able to add features to the DelawareLiberal site that are not possible at wordpress.  This will include more storage, a mobile version of the website and some more plugins not currently offered by WordPress.com.  The sites look and feel will undergo some small changes as a part of this while we hone the visual appeal of the site.  Don’t worry, our writing will remain sub-par.

We are also considering the use of advertising on the site.  Our intent is to keep the ads as unobtrusive as possible.  The proceeds will be used to buy Mrs. Scott a big Valentines Day gift.  🙂

Here’s where you come in.  How does this sound to you?  Would this be a fair trade-off?  Do you have any suggestions for how to do the ads unobtrusively?  Has anyone used Google Adsense or any of the other advertising networks?

Also, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, please let me extend my appreciation to all of you for your readership.  It really is your comments and participation that makes this site the community that it is.  Thank you all.