Actually, there isn’t much fear, but I am learning to loathe USAirways.  We landed in St. Louis on Thursday night.  Three-quarters of our luggage landed with us…  I have been wearing the same jeans for 3 days now (although my wife washed them last night).  This is not fun.

We have been spending time with Mrs. Geeks’ family out here and have already spent time with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.  Uncle Bob is the best so far.  He makes wine by the gallon (or 7) and has loaded me up appropriately for the rest of the trip.  On Monday, we head into the belly of the beast, Branson.  In preparation, we picked up some country music in Cracker Barrel and have been listening to Alabama for the past 2 days.

Thanks Donviti, for a rousing Around the Horn yesterday.  I wish I got that level of comments on my posts.  Rock on…err hoe-down.