I got a letter in the mail the other day that my ex wife is planning on transferring my oldest daughter to a different high school for her Junior year.  Awesome!

You would think a phone call would have proceeded that letter from the ex.  You’d figure that she would have been mature enough to call me and let me know about her decision.  You’d think by now that she would grow the hell up and stop being so petty.

I wouldn’t have ever gotten the letter had the choice application and subsequent info not been in my name and address.  Otherwise it would have just happened without me knowing.  This woman attempted to move out of state 3 years ago and take my kids over an hour away from me, without letting me know.  I should expect this type of behavior, but every time it happens I still am shocked. 

The mother of my children ladies and gentlemen…..and one more reason to make sure you knock up/marry the right person.