Well it has been a while, over a year at least, since I was last asked to do an around the horn. The last time I did it, was over at the gone and forgotten Delawhere. Well A lot of things have happened since then. I have been awarded Delaware’s hottest blogger award. I have made some of you laugh. Some of scratch your heads and most of you wonder what the heck I’m talking about. But what I like most about my time here is that I have been threatened by a few tough guys and called names by mostly juvenille right wing bloggers that must think they are immune to stupidity. Well they aren’t and neither am I.

So it’s payback time bitches Donviti style…. Here is your around the freaking horn.

if you want to visit a real asshole that insults everyone’s intellegince but his own, yet still reads comic books go Here though I can’t imagine why you want too. he reminds me of some grumpy old man that yells at kids to keep off his lawn.

If you want to visit someone a notch below Pube that gets Jason’s respect for God knows why Go here” His comments are on when he wants them to be, he has an echo chamber louder than the DuPont Theatre and he thinks writing a letter asking a bitch slapping, drunk driving, redneck, power abusing politician to quit is some sort of noble act. Yawn.

If you want to have your mind twisted by someone that takes the bible literally but at the same time interprets it the way he wants to go here Be warned though he thinks the earth was built in a day, though not a day as you and I know it, just a day that God knows it to be…uh huh

I have to be honest I don’t go here at all I have tried to but his format is so hard to read I don’t bother. I think he has good things to say, but who the hell knows…

I like this bitch personally She has comments that are spot on. She’s not afraid to mix it up with what’s his name ever. She knows her shit and more people should read her.

Speaking of what’s his name Dana, you are something else, you have an air of pompuosness to you that I find overbearing at times. Your comments are great but, well, what can I say, I don’t get where you come from some times. I think you hurt your brain sometimes coming up with the stuff you spit out.

NOW This guy knows about wind All this talk about wind power has me wondering though, when is Tommy Going to work for that company who’s name escapes me right now and let’s be honest half of De, has never heard of either. Which leads me to a question, was Delmarva Deregulated to create competition?

I like this guy a lot he comes back for more rarely gets to upset and keeps it cool. Personally, I think Duffy gets it, he just takes longer to turn the corner.

A guy that enjoy’s the finer things in life I don’t visit him as often as I should, but recommed you do.

god bless you (is he still around?)

If you want to read long drawn out posts about marriage and parentinggo here They are amusing and very well thought out. Unlike my own posts.

We have a new visitor and if she is as hot as her avatar/picture….I might have found my new blogging wife It wouldn’t be cheating Momma…I swear

I throw him in because he visit like a 1000 times a day

Here again I have some more honesty to espouse Mike is my biggest competition when it comes to being a hot blogger in De Mike, keep up those posts at Five Guys…I feel safer when I see them

and now for a little serentity, calm, relaxing and awesome pictures. The guy rarely has a bad post. I still wish he would take a picture of his odometer with his car doing like 90mph, but oh well safety first…i guess

I hardly wander her to wonder maybe it’s the title…but I’m sure he is valuable in his own mind.

This guy’s name reminds me of a frog for some reason…like a noise a frog makes or something. Weird, but hey, so am I.

I’m saving a favorite shout out for a new asshole I discovered or I guess discovered me. Yes, he is a Republican and no, his 4 year old can’t beat me up. Most likely the little squirt still wets his bed out of fear from his overbearing father that has a temper he can’t control. Though it is good to see he is shaping his children in his own neanderthal like ways. A real carpet bagger to model if I ever saw one. Maybe your brand cuts it in RI, but thank god it doesn’t down here. I never met a real carpet bagger before and well, we are off to a great start thus far paisono. A first class asshole if there ever was one is my first impression. A chest puffing Army Officer that castigates poor people that join the military for something other than supporting the country. Funny, if the military only could get people to join based on the love of ones country I guess they wouldn’t need signing bonuses, recruiters and well commercials, dragracing cars…you get the point…GRRRRR I’m a tough guy…Hey JOHN FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, WITH ANY LUCK YOU WILL NEVER GET FUCKING ELECTED TO ANYTHING IN THIS STATE. WE DON’T NEED YOUR KIND HERE WOP. If anything we need the exact opposite of some body like you. So go fuck yourself and learn again what it means to be an American AND A VETERAN, ASSHOLE.

If I forgot you, I don’t give a shit, I got all worked up thinking about the asshole above that ran for state Senator that I don’t care to post something schticky about you.

Oh I do have one more thing. all you fucking morons wanting to get rid of the Estate tax, why don’t you go blow a few more multi millionaires. We already bust our asses so the rich can get richer, why stop there? It boggles my fucking mind how people that will die with less than $5million go around defending something that won’t even affect them. Go make a difference somewhere else for god’s sake, for our sake, hell for your kid’s sake. I have a better idea, go read up on what this country is supposed to be about. If you like transferring wealth so it stays in the hands of the same people over and over again, go move to Europe or something. You are about as UnAmerican as they come in my opinion.

oh I forgot