I told my doctor I wasn’t feeling to fresh.  My color was a bit off this past week.  As the hottest blogger in Delaware keeping up appearances is a full time job.  So when my doctor recommends me do something I do it, especially when it comes to looking good.

He told me to suck on a tail pipe.  I couldn’t believe it? WTF? I had to clarify.

 “A car tail pipe Doc?” Why the hell would I do that?
He said, “listen Donviti, it’s safe trust me. They do it for meat you know?”

“I didn’t know that Doc.” I said with a puzzled look as he inserted a finger into my rectum.  He promised me that they use Carbon Monoxide all the time to make the meat look fresh and tasty.  he said if you want to look fresh and Tasty I suggest you do the same.  So I pulled up my pants, thanked the doc and left with my perscription to suck on a tail pipe 2x a day after I ate. 

Well if there is one thing I like, it’s having my meat fresh and tasty.  But, I have to admit I don’t feel much better, but I still look good.

Man, god bless the meat industry and the FDA for finding a way to make me and my meat look good, well past thier experation date!