Next week I begin a week vacation with the family out to , MO to visit with Mrs. Geek’s family (Aunt’s, Uncles and Cousins from 1st to infinity).  As a part of this trip, we will spend a few days in Branson, MO (AKA Hell).

I don’t like either kind of music, country or western.  I do not like it in a car, I do not like it near or far.  I do not like on a stage, I do not like it more with age.  What can I say, I’m a yankee liberal (although the furthest north I’ve lived is Delaware County, PA).

Here’s the question that I need help with.  I am going with no interest at all in most of what Branson has to offer.  Has anyone been there and found something that a non-Nascar fan would like that is a bit off-the-wall and unique?  Otherwise, I may just have to feign “work issues” and hang on the laptop the whole time. 🙂