I have to say that I am pretty saddened by the whole Lofink story.  I remember when Vince won his first election, because one of his sons was a student of mine.  I  hope that  the whole thing works out as fairly as possible.  I was pretty happy that with just a few exceptions, the blogosphere has been pretty tame.  Delaware Dem takes a cold, hard look at the likelihood of a Dem pickup in light of the developments.  Over at DWA, Mike was teasing us with the identity and I suspect is sorry that he didn’t break the story a month ago.

I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that this is, yet another pivotal week in the progress toward wind power in Delaware.  Tommy has a post about what you can do to make windpower a reality here.  Kavips has a post about Carney and Markell both making faux pas with regard to high density power transmission lines.

On the Presidential race front, the unlikely contenders are getting some press.  Ryan S, thinks Ron Paul will remember, remember the fifth of November.  And over at the misnamed Common Sense Political Thought, Dana Pico compares Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich.  In my mind, Kucinich gets the edge just with his wife.

There was some coverage of the waterboarding that a Bush admin official underwent.  Mat Marshall uses it as a spring board to call Rudy on his stupidity. The best speaker on the subject has been Olbermann.  Dana had the scoop on the video.

And in other Bush news, a veto was finally overturned!

Did I mention that Bruce Ennis won the special election on Saturday?  Now the mail carriers are out to get Dave Burris and Company.

In a sign of what great things will come when we get open government, Dana’s best buddy Nancy has a post on the way that FOIA is screwing up Wilmington’s evil plans (bwuhahaha!).

Kilroy has a post on the “Red Clay Star Chamber” and some serious comment rescuing.

In International stuff, KarmicJay has a post on what’s happening in Pakistan.  He’s right.  We haven’t kept our powder dry and it is costing us stability.  Meanwhile, Paul Smith is trying to be flippant about the anti-war movement that America has taken hold.

I’d like to welcome some new additions to Around the Horn.  I mentioned Common Sense Political Thought already.  Hube pointed out the new Delaware Libertarian.  He has a great post on a cloning bill’s insidious hidden trap.  And hopefully we will get a few posts from mhomewood over at Woody Solutions.

I am glad that Duffy is back in the posting mood.  This week, he posted a “Nerd Test” that Hube and I took.  Duffy and Hube are Nerd Kings, while I am a Kind of Dorky Nerd King.

Speaking of Hube, he has a post that gives an interesting view into 1970’s comic book publisher mores.  I was born in 1970 and it really is amazing how far we have come in 37 years.

And finally Mike Mahaffie has a post that tickles my fancy.  He took a walk on the beach at Reboboth.  I have just finalized plans for a nice weekend in Lewes for January and I can’t wait.

Please keep our soldiers in your thoughts.  3,859 of them have been killed so far, and the end is nowhere in sight.  At least 76,241 Iraqis have been killed since Bush decided his Daddy need to be avenged.