It was a lightly glazed over article that wont get much national media attention, but you have to stop and think about how industrial espionage fuels this world and the impact it has on our country.  I don’t think people realize that the NSA and its superior spy technology isn’t only using its’ “ears” to listen for jihadists.  It is well known that industrial espionage happens across the globe the US is a big offender and DuPont is a global player that just got burned.

WILMINGTON — On Tuesday the government closed its case against an ex-DuPont senior scientist who admitted to stealing more than $400 million in trade secrets when he left for another company.

One of my sources sent me this: 

It’s what DuPont wont tell you or acknowledge I’m sure…

In today’s paper, there is an article about a Chinese man that received a jail sentence of 18 months because he stole DuPont proprietary information. The database he used was the one that myself and about a dozen other scientist created an uploaded with all of the secrets of the company. I voiced my concern of this happening when they gave access to everyone in research, etc…

To think if DuPont would have listened to one of it’s senior Research Chemists they could have saved themselves millions if not over a billion in lost revenues. Instead, they didn’t and look what happened.  But hey, at least they don’t give out pensions anymore and are pushing thier health care costs onto their employees!