The Public Service Commission and three other state agencies overseeing the wind power negotiations will meet on November 20 to decide whether to continue the negotiations between Bluewater Wind and Delmarva Power. They have set a deadline of November 12 for public comments.

The proposed offshore wind power project would produce 13 percent of Delaware’s electricity. This energy would be clean, safe, independent, non-polluting, non-greenhouse gas emitting, economically stable and cost-efficient over the long-term. Generating offshore wind energy will help prevent the tragedy of global warming and keep our coastal areas from being flooded and destroyed.

It is estimated that the offshore wind power project would save Delaware citizens $750 million on health care costs currently caused by air pollution from burning fossils fuels.

An enormous hurdle was cleared when Bluewater decided to pull construction material cost escalators off the table, removing the most significant objection to the project. Wind power would bring a measure of price stability to our electric bills over the next thirty years, when we can expect fossil fuel prices to continue to climb.

Letters and emails can be sent to:

Arnetta McRae, Chair
Public Service Commission
861 Silver Lake Boulevard
Cannon Building, Suite 100
Dover, DE 19904
Fax: (302) 739-4849
Email c/o Karen Nickerson:

State regulators have repeatedly said they have listened to and taken note of public comments on this issue. They’re listening; we need to speak up.