UPDATE III: My source pulled through. I guess the most important line in the whole thing is
“Accumulating additional years of service will not increase your future compensation credit rate.” Essentially it isn’t a FREEZE yet, but you aren’t acruing any additional service years towards retirement.

Bank of Opportunity…if you are the CEO
check below the fold to see the lovely print work they do

file0005.jpgfile0004.jpgfile0004.jpgfile0003.jpgfile0002.jpgfile0002.jpgOk here we go. Click more and they will be there.
UPDATE II: Apparently my source was going to go to the News Journal after I begged not too.  Apparently the NJ told my source that SHE had seen that on a blog.

Apparently the NJ reads Del Lib…go figure  

My source is sending me the information now, since the NJ was going to read it here any how.

Check back tomorrow for the documents.

UPDATE: I’m sorry to report my source won’t cough up anything.  If I had money to offer I would!   In short if you are a former MBNA employee you better read your recent retirement/401k package thingy that you recently got very carefully. 

Damn!~  I thought I had a hot item too!  I will lean on my source and tell them it is good for the country.  

Breaking!  I am in contact with some pretty shady shit going on with Bank of America.

In short, if you were an MBNA cross over…your pension is frozen and you better start saving more…

I’m working on getting some documentation