Attributed to Tom Wagner in today’s WNJ:

“Because the case is still being investigated and no charges have been filed, Wagner said he could not detail how the scam worked.”

Yesterday Wagner told Dana Garret in an online interview that they had enough evidence to skip trial and go straight to plea deals. Yet now he can’t divulge how a state employee evil genius forged some paperwork? Seriously Tom, we all have checking accounts. Speak plainly to us. Don’t insult our intelligence by implying that we taxpayers are too stupid to understand how some low level hack made fools of you while you were busy polishing your suspenders. And if you stick your hand up Cordrey’s bottom and waggle his jaw while you’re talking, we might think the guy has a clue as to what goes on in his own Finance Department.

When the officials say “We are under {policy, procedure, legal} constraints not to divulge any information.”, its not irritating enough that this false statement insults our intelligence; the real pisser is that they truly think they’ve fooled us.


Editor’s Note:

Can’t someone get me a contact list contact names and numbers from the Finance Department and I could just point out where last names seem to be connected to names within our legislative or executive branch. Then we’d know who is getting protection from on high and everyone could stop doing this idiotic dance.