I just finished watching as much of this show as I could.  I’m disgusted.  I think my last straw was when they showed the shot of the guy scooping up empty soda cans with his shirt.   His shirt was pulled up to his chin and away from his enormous body.  As the man stood up, the camera stayed focused on his shirtless belly and chest for what had to be at least 10 seconds.

The manboobs looked like 2 socks with a tennis ball resting on a pillow of fat, which rested on another pillow of fat, which no doubt was on another layer of fat hidden by his pants which where hidden by the flab of skin hanging over his shorts down past his genitals.  Absolutely disgusting.  It is just gross to see this stuff flopping all around.  I’m hot and not everyone cannot be as fortunate as me.   I understand that, I accept it.  The country has a weight problem.  Exercise is good, but so is a little fucking modesty.  Let’s be honest hear this is TV at its’ worst and lowest.

Pamela Anderson running down the beach flopping around her bodacious ta-ta’s is one thing.  A morbid, disgustingly overweight person with their shirt off is another.

But if that wasn’t enough, it was the over the top go to commercial cliff hanger bullshit that had me and my wife going to bed early.  In the span of 30 minutes I would say they went to commercial every 6 minutes.  The winner of a pair trucks…..commercial before they announce, Announce winner of truck 5 minutes of something, commercial, weigh in 2 couples…commercial, weigh in two more couples (I said to my wife if they go to another fucking commercial I’m out for good)….commercial, they came back on, finished the weigh ins apparently and went to commercial.

My wife and I were in bed before the vote off, which no doubt would have been another set of 2 commercials.

Ladies and gentleman….your liberal media