“Dad, so we going to Aruba this year?”

“I am not really crazy about Aruba.  That Natalie Hollaway thing really turned me off.”

“It is pretty safe there, that wasn’t typical”

“I’m talking about the government.  They just showed me how corrupt they are.  I don’t really like that”

“But you are ok with our corrupt government?”

“What corruption?”

“uh, gee dad I don’t know that guy Cunningham is going to jail.  YOu remember Jack Abramoff?  How about the telecoms?

“what about them?”

“Uh, how about spying on us Americans, turning over our private information and now wanting immunity b/c they were complicit in breaking the law.”

“Well I’m ok with giving up some of my civil liberties if that means we catch a terrorist!”

“I guess you aren’t American then”

“Chop off all their damn heads”

“So you are ok if the terrorists win?  Because they don’t want their people to be free.  They don’t believe their people should have rights, they believe in telling their people what to do.  So that is ok with you?  that we become like them?”


sigh, the 25% you can’t change no matter how smart they are.