it is so fucking tiresome at this point and yet here they go.  It’s like a pimp telling a ho, I won’t slap you, if yo don’t make me.

President Bush, invoking the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as he has many times before, contended Friday that Iraq is the central front in the struggle against extremism, telling a supportive military crowd at this Army post that it is imperative to continue fighting the increasingly unpopular war.

isn’t it time that people stand up against this bullshit? christ, it is so tiring at this point. 5 years of lies and bullshit and the press laps it up. LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS MY ASS!!!

Bush said Iraqis “are increasingly taking more responsibility for their own security,” and in a rare accounting of enemy deaths, he said more than 1,500 enemy fighters have been killed or captured every month since January.

in fact things are going so fucking well in Iraq that the fucking pussy diplomats in the state department are being forced to go to Iraq b/c none of them will fucking volunteer. yes, Iraq is so fucking safe that diplomats won’t go there for an assignment. I mean how much more proof do you fucking need? GOD DAMNIT I’M SO TIRED OF THIS SHIT! AREN’T YOU????