I usually find these things cringe inducing, but this Progressive credo from a diarist at kos is pretty good.

I believe in social justice. That is, we may not all be born with the same advantages but we are born with the right to be treated equally before the law.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe in using tax payer’s money responsibly. I believe in paying my taxes for the common good. I believe in a progressive tax structure.

I believe in preserving a healthy planet. ‘Cos where else are you going to go? I believe in reducing greenhouse gases, in moving away from an oil based economy. I believe in research into alternative fuels. I believe in investment in mass transit.

I believe in privacy for citizens and the right to be left alone. I believe that government should stay out of our bedrooms and the sex lives of consenting adults. I believe that the government has no state interest in interfering with a woman’s right to choose to have children or not.

I believe in diplomacy. I believe in the wise use of our forces as a last resort. I believe that national security is best when our military is well-prepared, well-equipped and well rested.