UPDATE: Well, you never know who reads the best blog in delaware do you?  Apparently, “a reporter from the Brandywine Community News and [is] interested in doing a story on the wine tasting club for [their] newspaper.”

There is still time to contact me.  Imagine wine and Donviti…ladies, bring your fans

As one of North Wilmington Hottest Socialites I have decided it is high time to incorporate wine and cheese into my lifestyle to impress yet another group of people. 

Once a month we will be getting together to sample wines.  Our innagraul meeting will be held 11/17 @ 7pm.  this meeting will establish the wines we would like to sample for the first half of 2008, who will host the event for that month and who would like to present.  Typically the events have no more than 25 people. 

You don’t have to know a thing about wines to join just bring a bottle with you and meet some great people, even some Republicans come to these things, though they are easy to spot b/c of their horns and tails.  

I can give you details if you are seriously interested about the location. 

email me at donviti at yahoo dot com

Hope you can make it out.