I would like to take a second at the beginning of this post to do a little self congratulation for DelawareLiberal. This week we had our single best day in history and we also passed the 250K hits mark. Way to go Jason and DV (and a little of me , Tom and Dr. Nick)!

This weekend is the special election to replace Jim Vaughn in the Senate. Jason made his endorsement of Ennis earlier this week. The leading voice for Joanne Christian has actually been the newest Democratic blogger, Dana Garrett. Oddly, Christian’s braintrust at FSP has been quiet this week, save for a cry of “foul” for some sign damage with comments turned off. Thanks to Dana for convincing Dave he should open comments. And Thanks Dave for having a “Vote for Bruce Ennis” sign on you blog this week. It should help.

There was some crazy-ass stuff going down with the Bluewater Wind proposal. Of course, Tommywonk is all over it. But last week Tom told me that the only person more verbose on it than him is Kavips. And Kavips has been on it like stink on DCCC’s PAC application. I like the Kavips Compromise (both parts). That said, If you are in Sussex this weekend, stop by to see Tommy speak at the Day of Climate Action in Rehoboth on Saturday.

Also props go out to my compadre Kavips for his new feature that runs in parallel to Around the Horn. I like it.

In local/national news The U of D came under FIRE for a diversity program in their dorms. The right took the story and ran. Hube was one of ’em. Mike Mahaffie had a circumspect post on it also.

The Presidential races were in the news again this week, and frankly, Ryan S is sick of the stupidity of the coverage. Dana has picked his team, if not his candidate.

If you forgot that earlier this week was the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, you are forgiven. Mike Matthews at DWA caught narcolepsy at it.

This week was also the one year anniversary of the 2006 Seacrets Halloween Party. There is still some unfinished business there and it’s covered by Mike Matthews at DWA.

Nancy Willing did some atypically light blogging this week, but managed to get the word out on Carper and his hand in giving a victory to the Republicans.

Duffy was light this week also, but it was worth it for my favorite post ever from him. I’m not sure, but it sounds like he is planning on writing “Fear and Loathing in Cozumel

Kilroy has a post up about the ineffectiveness of additional laws to reduce violence in schools. I live for the spelling errors.

Over at Gazziza, Paul Smith has a post that may give several of us a leg up when needed. I know I’ve needed census data sliced and diced for a post.

At Merit-Bound Alley, Halloween has allowed Joe to have a window into his daughters internal rating system.

It looks like another great weekend. I’ll be at the Eagles game on Sunday trying to keep up with my younger brothers during a 12 hour tailgating session. Think happy thoughts for the Birds. And think happy thoughts for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. 3,845 soldiers have died in Iraq alone and over 75,971 Iraqi civilians have been freed from their lives.