Look, I like Dave. He’s a nice guy and all. But can we just stop holding him up as some champion of “open government.”

It is bullshit. Dave is in favor of Republicans winning. Period.

If it takes saying “open government” he is for it. If it takes saying, “The Democratic candidate eats babies.” he’d say it.

By way of example just check out Celia’s latest.

“Friends of Joanne Christian” is not the only organization in this race with good things to say about her and rotten things to say about Ennis.

At least three fliers have come from a political action committee calling itself “DCCC,” and the anti-Ennis tone of the pieces makes clear that it is not the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee absent-mindedly straying into local politics where it does not belong.

It is the “Delaware Coordinated Campaign Committee,” its start-up paperwork filed last month with the state elections commissioner by David M. Burris, who recently resigned as the Sussex County Republican chair and functions as a campaign adviser to Christian.

Under state law, PACs do not have to file financial reports in advance of special elections the way candidates do. It means that the names of people contributing to the DCCC, how much they are contributing and how much the DCCC is spending do not have to be made public until the next regularly-scheduled reporting date at the end of the year.

Whatever is happening with the DCCC is staying with the DCCC.

There’s you big “open government” hero. And lord knows I hate Celia Cohen but she is right when she says, “The campaign finance law is supposed to open a window on campaign financing, not pull a curtain. “

Come clean Dave. Who is Joanne Christian going to be working for if she gets to Dover?