The Republicans were all about swinging for the fence trying to get that Reagan-esque one-liner that would open the money floodgates at the Heritage Foundation. The Democrats on the other hand….

I think it should be fairly clear by now that if I think a Republican is the superior candidate for office I will say so even though I am a progressive and Democrat. But I must say that with sole exception of Gravel, I believe every Democrat running for President is far superior to every Republican running for President and their performance at the debates, although leaving much to be desired, is far more substantive, interesting, apropos to the real issues facing Americans, FAR LESS cliché, and given to proffering more innovative policy proposals than anything offered by the Republican candidates,

Furthermore, even though I prefer any Democratic candidate except Gravel over Hillary, she is better than any Republican running for President. She is certainly smarter than any of them. So if Hillary becomes the nominee, I will most likely vote for her, which means I will be voting for the best Republican running in the race.

See how non-partisan I can be.