So at the drinking liberally Dorian Gray made a pretty accurate statement that didn’t need much parsing. He said that he feels I do this because it is cathartic. It’s funny but I never thought that word specifically, but I guess he is right (for a change) but I also do this for another reason.

I share these emails with you because I think there are a lot of people out there that don’t believe it when fathers say that their ex-wives are vindictive, mean, shit-bags that would love nothing more than their children to feel the same way about thier father that they feel about their ex husbands. It is shameful, disgusting and immature beyond belief. The pain and confusion kids experience is regrettable. But, it goes on I’m sure to a worse degree than this does.

It is a sad state of affairs that it occurs at all, but I truly hope that the next time you listen to a divorced man say he believes that his ex wife would through his kid in front of a bus to get back at him you will believe him. you just remember Hotviti’s ex-wife and believe him

—–Original Message—–
From: Mrs. Hotviti
To: Ex-wife L.; Ex-wife
Subject: Questions
Dear Ex-wife,
Hotviti and I are concerned that you have not been receiving our phone messages as we have

never heard back from you on any of the things we called about. These are just a few things we were asking about:

1.) Daughter #3:
Hotviti left a message last night (about 6:00pm) asking for a phone call back if you were willing to pay for 1/2 the trip as the reservation needed to be in that night. Unfortunately, we did not hear back from you and we will not be paying for the entire trip as it costs 95.00, so Daughter #3 will not be attending this trip with her school on 12/6/07.
Hotviti left a message on Wednesday 10/16/07 letting you know that we were not able to get Daughter #3 ballet shoes b/c she informed us on Monday evening about 5:15pm that she needed them for Tuesday. He also asked that you contact us in the future if you were not able to get something for the girls. Unfortunately, Daughter #3 again had to inform us that she did not have her required shoes for her dance class and needed them bought for her. We will be purchasing her ballet shoes this weekend. Daughter #3 does require other materials for her dance class, since we have provided her with 2 leotards, jazz tights, and now ballet shoes it will be your responsibility to purchase the other materials for her (jazz shoes/tights)

2.) Daughter #2:
Thank you for purchasing a dress for her for homecoming, but again we ask that you please inform us of anything you are not able to purchase for her ie: shoes for homecoming and money for a ticket, so daughter#2 does not have to give us the messages.

3.) Daughter #1:
It is our understanding that Daughter #1 is attending homecoming this weekend at a High School. Even though Daughter #1 is currently not visiting with us Hotviti is still her father and wishes to be informed of ANY events such as homecoming by you and not by Daughter #3 or Daughter #2.

3.) Holidays:
The holidays are fast approaching and Donviti and I wanted to hammer down a formal schedule. Your regular visit with the girls falls on Thanksgiving and ours on Christmas. For Thanksgiving if you wish we can pick them up from where ever you are (your house, your mother’s house, boyfriend’s mother’s house, etc) late afternoon (around 3:00/4:00pm) and they can just stay with us over night and start their weekly visit with us on Thursday instead of Friday and then for Christmas since it is our year to have them sleep over you can pick them up from Nana viti’s house around 12:00/1:00pm Christmas Day and have them stay over night and we can pick them up the next day. Also, will Daughter #1 be spending any time with us during these holidays? Let me know as well as if you had any other ideas for scheduling for the holidays.
Thank you,
Mrs. Hotviti

—– Original Message —-
From: Ex-wife
To: Mrs. Hotviti
Subject: RE: Questions
We will document this as request #2 to cease e-mailing me. And you are well aware, as is Hotviti, that I have not responded to your messages because there is nothing to respond to. This is merely another attempt at you trying to create conflict where completely unnecessary. I will only make so many requests before escalating this, Mrs. Donviti.

The reason you did not hear back from me is because his message clearly stated he needed a response that night. As I did not receive the message until very late, I did not respond. And of course you two will not be paying for the trip, silly girl! Why would we think otherwise? You two must focus on your wine budget for the upcoming holiday season so the pretentious act can continue; hosting many social gatherings in an attempt to appear like the North Wilmington Socialites that you so clearly ARE NOT!

And if you must know, I will not be paying for a New York trip for Daughter #3 with her school because I am planning a surprise NY trip for her birthday. So do me a favor and try keeping that quiet.

Daughter #1 has no desire to contact her father at present, and will make any decisions regarding their relationship on her own. Kudos on one father/daughter relationship destroyed, Mrs. Hotviti.

Don’t you dare thank me for buying my own daughter a dress. They’ve all learned by now who to go to if they need anything.

You can pick daughter#2 & daughter#3 up from my home at 4 on Thanksgiving, and I will pick them up from Nana Viti’s at noon on Christmas. I have no idea what Daughter #1’s intentions are.

—–Original Message—–
From: Mrs. Hotviti
To: Ex-wife L.
Subject: Re: Questions
Dear Ex-wife,

Daughter #3: That is fine that you wish to not pay 1/2 for the New York trip for her school. We emailed because we had heard nothing from you in regards to any of the messages we had left for you about a variety of things. We can now give Daughter #3 a final answer that she will not be going with her school.

Daughter #1: We were asking that you advise us of things that are happening with her (school, events, issues, etc) and did not ask anything about their relationship. Hotviti does have a right to know what is happening in his daughter’s life despite her not visiting us at this time. And please let us know if she will be visiting us during the holidays so our families can plan accordingly.

Holidays: Thanksgiving-we will be picking up the girls @ 4:00 from your house. I’m assuming they will start their visit with us then? And Christmas you will pick them up from Hotviti’s mother’s house @ 12:00pm. Will we be picking them up that night or the next day? Please let me know either by email or by phone message. Thank you

—– Original Message —-
From: Ex-wife
To: Mrs. Hotviti
Subject: RE: Questions
Thanksgiving-You may pick them up @ 4 to begin their weekend visit

Christmas-I will pick them up from Nana Viti’s @ 12 & you can pick them back up the following morning

Daughter #1-SHAME ON YOU. Just come out & say “if they should buy her gifts”, you sorry excuse for a human being.

You and Hotviti are PERFECT for each other. You both make me SICK.

From: Mrs. Donviti
To: Ex-wife
Subject: Re: Questions

Thank you for the clarification about the holiday schedule. And funny by the way about the gifts that hadn’t even crossed my mind. It would be nice to let our families know (and we would like to know) if she will be joining us for the holidays (ie: for dinners, going to church, going out of town,etc), so please let us know sooner than later. Thank you.
Mrs. Donviti